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Hi.  I'm Jake.  I'm a mortgage broker and loan officer in Gilbert, Arizona where I live with my wonderful family.  

When I need to hire a skilled professional,  I look for someone who is first and foremost well respected in  their field.  I also  look  for someone who I like to be around, someone whose personality I like and someone who seems as though  they would put my interests first before theirs.  I look for someone who is flexible and dependable, so that if our business didn't go quite as we had planned starting out, they would be willing to go the extra mile to make sure my needs were put first. 

Not only do I look for those traits in a professional, I try to be that person in my business relationships.  I invite you to call me with any mortgage questions or needs you might have.  Information is always free, and if I can help you get the information you need then I'll consider that a win. 


I shop many lenders rates daily to make sure I am offering at or better than market rates and fees for my loan customers.    

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